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We are a private medical practice specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of the retina and vitreous. Established in 1977, we have locations all over Northern California including Sacramento, Grass Valley, Roseville, Stockton, Modesto, Fairfield, Elk Grove, Folsom, Yuba City and Chico. Our physicians are nationally known and our goal is to stay at the leading edge of retina care by utilizing the latest equipment and both participating in and designing new clinical trials to advance the state of care for retinal diseases.

This role would be for the Roseville location but may need to travel to other locations as needed.


Duties (not limited to): All the duties of Front Desk, plus the following:
1. Obtain chart from office.
2. Call patient back by first and last name and verifies patients DOB
3. Greets patients warmly and introduce self and role to patient and family members.
4. Verify physician’s orders.
5. Dilate patient’s eyes.
6. Complete a patient history.
7. Check visual acuity.
8. Obtain quality OCT.
9. Accurately enter chief complaint in EHR.
10. Accurately enter all information from abstraction forms in EHR.
11. Understand which testing/imaging is required for each diagnosis.
12. Understand information required to meet meaningful use and MIPS requirements.
13. Inform patient of expectations for visit.
14. Escort patient to photos, sub waiting or exam room.
15. Mail out referral letters, as appropriate
16. Thoroughly and accurately document patient visits.
17. Work quickly and efficiently to maintain an expedient clinic flow.
18. Schedule patient/reschedule patients as needed.
19. Understand which diagnosis’ are emergencies and which are not.
20. Understand length of time when all diagnosis’ should be scheduled.
21. Understand how to answer telephone calls using appropriate verbiage.
22. Open all diagnostic and exam rooms including: turning on equipment as needed, logging into phone at tech desk, cleaning and setting out appropriate instruments, lenses, etc.
23. Accurately count all medications before clinic and log on drug log.
24. Ensure rooms are stocked and ready for patients when opening rooms in the morning and after lunch.
25. Wipe down necessary equipment and instruments with alcohol wipes while patient is watching.
26. Use hand sanitizer or wash hands while patient is watching.
27. Properly instill eye drops and understand the indication/contraindication for use in dilation.
28. Make dilation drops properly.
29. Understand basics of Front Desk position including, but not limited to, making appointments, working tasks, answering phones, checking faxes.
30. Back up Front Desk when needed for coverage.
31. Understand emergency protocols.
32. Ability to maintain a HIPAA and OSHA compliant workstation

Skills & Qualifications

1. Ability to communicate clearly verbally and in writing.
2. Apply policies and principles to solve everyday problems.
3. Ability to plan, exercise initiative, problem solve, make decisions.
4. Ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously.
5. Ability to establish priorities and coordinate work activities.
6. Excellent organizational and time management skills.
7. Ability to work in an unsupervised environment, both as a team and as an individual.
8. Ability to maintain a courteous demeanor while maintaining required level of productivity.
9. Knowledge of insurances; HMO’s, PPO’s, Medicare, Medi-Cal.
10. Knowledge of how to operate standard office equipment.
11. Able to dilate, check vision, and enter appropriate chief complaint.
12. Understand what diagnoses are considered emergencies
13. Ability to follow direction well, maintain professionalism and be punctual.
14. Ability to obtain readable OCT image from all OCT equipment.
15. Ability to accurately and completely document patient visit in EHR.
16. Enjoy working with patients, primarily elderly patients.
17. Patience and empathy.
18. Ability to work as a part of a team.
19. Ability to work under pressure in a high paced environment.
20. Ability to answer phones, schedule patients accurately, work tasks, work faxes (basic Front Desk duties).
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